NAPTOSA President elected Chairperson of the ILC


 At the annual election of the chairperson of the Independent Labour Caucus  (ILC) held on 18 March 2013, Mr Basil Manuel, President of NAPTOSA was elected as chairperson for the period 2013 / 14.



What is the ILC?

The ILC is a “working together agreement”  of the independent unions admitted to the Public Service Co-ordinating Bargaining Council (PSCBC) . There are two major groupings of unions in the PSCBC, namely the ILC and COSATU.  The ILC unions are politically non-aligned.


The ILC represents approximately   487 000  of the  1 2 million public service employees who are unionised.


What is the PSCBC?

The PSCBC is the forum where all transversal conditions of service are negotiated for the entire Public Service, such as: salary negotiations (annual increase) , medical subsidies, housing, long service awards and certain types of leave (sick leave, pre-natal leave, family responsibility leave)


Education specific issues are negotiated in the Educational Labour Relations Council (ELRC) 


Which unions are members of the ILC?

The unions, in alphabetical order are:

·         HOSPERSA

·         NAPTOSA

·         NATU

·         NPSWU

·         NUPSAW

·         PEU

·         PSA

·         SAOU

·         SAPU

·         UNIPSAWU


NAPTOSA congratulates Mr Manuel on his election and wishes him every success in this important and demanding position.