Entries for the 16th National Teaching Awards are open. The National Teaching Awards honour teachers who are nurturing the building blocks of society - our children. It is through the efforts of dedicated teachers, principals and other stake holders that contribute to this endeavour that we have seen some improvement in education achievements. This is a clear indication that there are dedicated and committed teachers who are steering our education in the right direction. Amongst those teachers are NAPTOSA members. 

NAPTOSA acknowledges that these dedicated teachers have often achieved under poor or unsafe conditions and often with the lack of appropriate resources to deliver quality education.

Teachers remain a national treasure without whom, there is no future. The World Teachers’ Day theme for 2014 reverberates true: “Invest in the future, Invest in teachers”.

Over the past years, many NAPTOSA members have been honoured at the National Teaching Awards. These members have made NAPTOSA proud. We wish to encourage our members to submit their entries for the 2014 National Teaching Awards.  Entry forms are available online on the DBE website (www.dbe.gov.za).

Women in NAPTOSA
As we celebrate Women’s month in August, NAPTOSA acknowledges and celebrates the contribution of women in all walks of life and wishes them well in all their endeavours.
We wish to commemorate the women of the past and to remind South Africans that there is still more to be done in the realm of women’s rights at present. We urge women in NAPTOSA to advocate for change in all forums.