NAPTOSA’s  NEC  approved the establishment of a Professional Development Institute  (PDI) in the last quarter of 2012. By 1st February 2013 the new Director, Margot Johnson, had been appointed and the Institute was in operation.

Essentially, the PDI will endeavour to ensure that our membership is supported in the following key areas of professional development :

Ø  Achieving  mastery of the Curriculum they teach

Ø  Becoming autonomous life-long learners

Ø  Participating actively  in communities of professional teaching practice and establishing professional networks

Ø  Supporting the delivery of quality teaching and learning in every classroom by means of both individual teacher and school management development.


Although NAPTOSA has for many years run excellent  professional development programmes in certain of its provinces ,the Institute intends to widen the geographical landscape and this is already underway. 


The DBE has funded a CAPS implementation project widely known as the Trade Union Collaboration Workshops . NAPTOSA set up an educator programme over  nine Saturdays which ran throughout  the first term and which will be completed  by the end of April 2013


Although CAPS and the new policy documents have been the focus of the workshops to date, programmes of general interest, such as career direction, subject content, using ITC in the classroom, teaching techniques for multi-grade and overcrowded classrooms, moderation, assessment, and support for Special School educators, are envisaged.   School managers will not be neglected and we have already held conferences focusing on the implication of CAPS for managers in eight provinces.


In the few months that the PDI  has been in existence more than 6 000 educators have been trained in CAPS and another 7 000 educators have attended various programmes and activities organised by provincial offices of  NAPTOSA.


Members will be informed of programmes via provincial New Flashes and the NAPTOSA website.