It has come to NAPTOSA’s attention that the PILIR processes have been suspended until such time as a court case has been settled.  The Director General of the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA)  issued a circular on 18 December to all Heads of Department  (HOD) in the Public Service in which they were informed that:

  • There is an interdict against the DPSA brought by one of the unsuccessful Heath Risk Managers, who was not awarded a tender for the forthcoming period commencing 1 January 2013, consequently no department is able to appoint Health Risk Managers. (It is not clear if this interdict applies to every department in every province – there may be one or two exceptions. NAPTOSA  provincial offices will update their members),

  • Departments are to hold all incoming incapacity leave and ill-health retirement applications in safekeeping until such time as the entire matter has been resolved,

  • Backlogs of incapacity leave and ill-health retirement applications are inevitable.


This matter has been  placed on the PSCBC Exco  and Council agendas  of 25 and 27 February respectively. The suspension of the PILIR process will lead to confusion and hardship for employees.  It is in the interest of employees and the public at large to find an interim solution – soon. It is not possible to predict how long it will take to finalise the matter in the courts.


In terms of PSCBC Resolution 1 of 2012 the salary increase for 2013 will be effected on 1 April 2013. The increase for 2013 will be based on the projected CPI for the period 2013 / 2014 plus 1%. The National Treasury has not yet announced the CPI for the next financial year. It should also be noted that the way in which the CPI will be calculated as from January 2013 has changed. The CPI is based on the value of a “basket of goods and services” with each item given a specific weighting within the “basket”. The new “basket” gives more weighting to, amongst others, electricity and petrol and an accompanying decrease in other items. Economists expect a small increase in future CPI figures.  Any speculation, at this stage, on the increase would be premature.



PSCBC Res 1 of 2007 makes provision for the GEMS subsidy to be adjusted annually until 2011.  The DPSA did not announce the increase for 2012 nor has there been any announcement for 1 March 2013. Another outstanding item is the equalisation of the GEMS subsidy for retired employees, which should have been effected in April 2011.

NAPTOSA has made numerous enquiries in this regard and was part of a group of unions that met recently with the Minister of the DPSA. The Minister has undertaken to address this matter before the end of March 2013


NAPTOSA will keep members informed of developments on all the above topics.