Dear members

We are today on the threshold of our fifth national general election. This milestone, while very ordinary for some, remains for most South Africans a singular symbol of the hard fought victory against apartheid, oppression and partisan rule. In addition it serves as a sweet reminder of the victory won but also of the sacrifices of many, not only the luminaries that are easily identified with the anti-apartheid struggle but the thousands of ordinary activists who sacrificed so much.

 Naptosa, on this special twentieth anniversary of our democracy embraces the opportunity to once again strengthen our democracy by exercising our right to elect the next democratic government and leaders. We cannot allow this most basic democratic right to be cheapened by stay-aways or spoilt votes.

While clinging steadfastly to our foundational principle of not being party political, we are however political and will defend the rights of our members to express their choices freely and without fear. We as NAPOSA members must therefore exercise this right according to our own conscience. Vote for the party of your choice; the party you see as strengthening our democracy; the party you believe will deliver on the dreams espoused in the Freedom Charter.

I thus call on all NAPTOSA members, staff and teachers at large to be at the polls on Wednesday 07 May 2014 to give expression to your choice while celebrating our freedom.

 I wish you all a peaceful, safe voting day as you express your democratic wishes.

 Viva South Africa Viva

Viva Democracy Viva

Viva Naptosa Viva.