BULLYING: Take the Stand for Change Pledge on Friday, 2 May 2014

Defeat the label – Stand4Change


The International Stand-Up-to-Bullying Day was a great way to kick-start the year. By celebrating a bully free day on the 31 January 2014(NF 3 of 2014) NAPTOSA and many schools around the country took a stand for change. Friday 2 May 2014, (noting that it is a school holiday) is another day set aside by Stand4Change to stand up against bullying in our schools. Together we can stop bullying on the spot. Responding quickly and consistently to bullying behaviour sends a message that bullying is not acceptable. We encourage schools to make this pledge available to learners.

Stand for Change Pledge

TODAY, I together with millions of students around the world, am taking a stand for myself and for my classmates.

I WILL SPEAK UP - I will take a stand when I see my friends and other students hurting, humiliating and bullying each other. I know that in the split second it takes to bully someone or to just watch as someone is being bullied I can also use that time to do something positive that can help someone else. I will use my voice for those who cannot to let others know that I think bullying is wrong.

I WILL STAND UP - I will stick up for my friends and other students who might need someone to stand up for them. I know that it takes just as much time to stand up for someone as it does to look away. I will let them know they are not helpless or hopeless. I will not ignore bullying.

I WILL DEFEAT THE LABEL - I will not use my computer or my phone to spread mean or hurtful rumours or to bully others. I know that in the same time it takes to click my mouse on hurtful messages I can use it to decide not to act. And when I see other people cyber bulling I will take a stand.

The pledge was sourced from www.stand4change.com

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Important Dates


-          23 April 2014 – UNESCO celebrates World Book and Copyright Day.

-          27 April 2014 – Celebrate Freedom Day

-          1 May 2014 – Workers Day

-          7 May 2014 – Voting Day