Entries for the 16th National Teaching Awards are open. The National Teaching Awards honour teachers who are nurturing the building blocks of society - our children. It is through the efforts of dedicated teachers, principals and other stakeholders that we have seen some improvement in education achievements. This is a clear indication that there are dedicated and committed teachers who are steering our education in the right direction. Amongst those teachers are NAPTOSA members.  

NAPTOSA acknowledges that these dedicated teachers often achieve success under poor or unsafe conditions and often with the lack of appropriate resources to deliver quality education.

The objectives of the National Teaching Awards are to:

•Focus public attention on the positive aspects of Basic Education, thereby raising the public image of the teaching profession.
•Recognise and promote excellence in teaching performance.
•Honour dedicated, creative and effective teachers and schools.
•Encourage best practice in schools.
•Afford South Africans the opportunity to publicly say thank you to all outstanding teams or individual teachers in schools

Over the past years, many NAPTOSA members have been honoured at the National Teaching Awards. These members have made NAPTOSA proud.

We wish to encourage our members to submit their entries for the 2015 National Teaching Awards.  

Entry forms are available online on the NAPTOSA website, NAPTOSA Communicator, NAPTOSA Facebook closed group and DBE website.

pdf 2015 NTA Info guide (551 KB)

pdf 2015 NTA Forms (268 KB)