Mr Basil Manuel (President) and the Leadership of NAPTOSA wishes all its members and all other stakeholders in education a Happy New Year. NAPTOSA hopes that 2015 will be a year where, together, we build on past successes, take lessons from failings of the past and endeavour to improve the quality of teaching and learning in our Country.


NAPTOSA welcomed the release of the 2014 National Senior Certificate (NSC) and commended the Department of Basic Education (DBE) for accomplishing a “successful” first CAPS-NSC examination. The decrease in the overall pass rate from 78.2% to 75.8% in 2014, whilst disconcerting, does demonstrate the integrity of the system in responding to the changing demands of the CAPS curriculum. NAPTOSA is especially concerned by the sharp decline in the overall quality of passes, particularly the decline in Bachelors passes to 28.3 % in 2014 from 30.6%. This suggests a decrease in the number of learners who qualify for entry into Higher Education Institutions.

NAPTOSA, however, acknowledges that in its pursuit of greater quality the DBE has changed the content of certain subjects, especially in Mathematics, the cognitive pitch of others, like Mathematical Literacy and others which also impacted on the overall results. While NAPTOSA acknowledges the progress the DBE has made in respect of learners with special education needs, the DBE should embark on a campaign to encourage greater differentiation which will cater for inclusive education learners and learners in Special Needs Schools.

NAPTOSA is troubled by the Umalusi report on the number of irregularities present in KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape schools, especially that of “cheating schools”. Whilst not condoning the actions of individuals involved, NAPTOSA  is of the view that “undue pressure for schools to perform”, “promises of labs/ computers etc” from MECs w.r.t 100% pass rate has added to the kind of fraudulent activities reported. While the issue of irregularities is disturbing, NAPTOSA commends both markers for their vigilance and Umalusi for upholding its integrity by being transparent on the issue.

NAPTOSA wishes to commend all the dedicated teachers (from Grade R to Grade 12) who have made an enormous contribution to the success of the class of 2014. Finally, NAPTOSA wishes to congratulate its members for their contribution and trusts that they will continue to “TEACH WITH DIGNITY”


Spaces are still available in the various quality short courses and workshops funded by the DBE/ TUC initiative.
Check the NAPTOSA website : www.naptosa.org.za/development programmes  or contact your Provincial Office for details of courses available in your Province, including dates, venues and booking requirements.

Each Province will have some or all of the following: Grade 10-12 Mathematics and Science, Grade 10-12 CAPS Assessment and Content, Foundation Phase Mathematics, Foundation Phase Handwriting, Special Schools Curriculum Adaptation