Salary Negotiations Update - 27 November 2014
Two months after trade unions in the public service tabled their salary demands for 2015/16 in the PSCBC the Employer responded with an offer on 27 November 2014.
As far as salary improvements are concerned the Employer is offering a 5% adjustment (which is lower than inflation), whereas Labour demands a 15% increase.

The Employer’s offer includes the following:
- Proposals on the establishment of the Government Employees Housing Scheme (which is currently being negotiated in a separate process)
- Improvement of the medical subsidy for GEMS members only (current and retired) with the CPI for 2012, 2013 and 2014
- Two (2) additional days’ Family Responsibility Leave for parents with children who have severe special needs
- Proposals on the Danger Allowance (which is also currently being negotiated in a separate process) – no educators are included
- Concurrence with Labour’s demand that employees be allowed to make an (once-off) election of the month in which they wish to have their 13th cheque paid out.

During a pre-negotiation process the parties agreed in principle that the negotiations regarding the salary improvement would not start lower than 5,8%. Because the Employer reneged on this agreement by only offering 5%, Labour decided not to engage with the Employer on the contents of their offer and to withdraw from the negotiation session.

Negotiations will most likely only resume when the Employer increases their offer to at least the basis agreed to in the pre-negotiation process.