Family Assistance Benefit (FAB) – A new added benefit to the NAPTOSA Funeral Benefit Scheme

Since January 2009 NAPTOSA members have an automatic funeral benefit of R10.000 on the life of each member. This benefit is included in the membership subscription and members do not have to take out individual policies for this insurance. The Funeral Benefit is available to members ONLY, whether employed by the State, School Governing Body, College Council or Independent School. A member’s subscription payments to the Union must be fully up to date (i.e. a “member in good standing”) to claim the NAPTOSA Funeral Benefit.

The NAPTOSA Funeral Benefit Scheme now has new added features at no cost to members.  The Family Assistance Benefit (FAB) is a new added benefit and provides:
-    Repatriation Services
-    Funeral Assistance
-    Claims Assistance
-    Legal Assistance
-    Bereavement Counselling
-    EA Touch (This is a trauma benefit offering telephonic and other assistance in the case of sexual assault and HIV exposure)
-    Emergency Medical Services (providing swift medical response including deployment of ambulances in the event of a violent attack, an accident or sudden severe illness)

The Family Assistance Benefit (FAB) services can be accessed through the call centre ,24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
For assistance or information call 0861 666 111

NAPTOSA membership fees for 2015
The NAPTOSA Congress unanimously agreed to increase membership fees to R78-60 p.m. as of January 2015. This is a 7, 4% increase (the same percentage by which public servants’ salaries were increased in April 2014). This is still lower than the Agency Fee that is deducted from the salaries of state-employed educators who do not belong to a Union - without enjoying any benefits other than that which is won through collective bargaining.

NAPTOSA Communicator
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