Commenting on the recommendations of the Ministerial Task Team report, the President of the National Professional Teachers’ Organisation of South Africa (NAPTOSA), Mr Basil Manuel, said in Pretoria today that NAPTOSA welcomed the report and the recommendations. He added that NAPTOSA was eagerly awaiting the Minister’s response to the report and stated that he hoped the Minister will interact with teacher unions on the recommendations of the Task Team.

Over recent years NAPTOSA has contended that the focus on pass rates can be very misleading, said Mr Manuel. The real focus should be on the quality of passes. NAPTOSA is therefore pleased that the report is calling for an increase in pass requirements for university entrance, he added. This will, indeed, enhance the public image and credibility of the National Senior Certificate (NSC) as the main exit qualification from secondary schooling.
Mr Manuel stated that NAPTOSA supports the call for an advocacy campaign about the value, place and role of Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy as distinct subjects of the NSC.

NAPTOSA endorses the plea for a national policy that stipulates that learners be required to take Mathematics with (selected) science subjects and also when taking a combination of Accounting and Economics, said Mr Manuel. Learners taking Physical Science, Accounting and Economics with Mathematical Literacy have found themselves at “career dead–ends”, said Mr Manuel. He cautioned, however, that learners should not be discouraged from offering Life Science with Mathematical Literacy.

NAPTOSA endorses the notion that the NSC is not adequate in its current format for all the purposes it is made to serve and that there is an urgent need for an appropriate vocational pathway for the majority of learners, said Mr Manuel. There is a need to review an appropriate Grade 9 exit qualification, he added. 
Mr Manuel also indicated NAPTOSA’s support of competency testing for the selection of matric markers, provided that it was administered appropriately. 

In conclusion, NAPTOSA supports all the other critical recommendations contained in the report as none are in conflict with NAPTOSA policies. The report was well written and backed with substantial evidence and a clear rationale, said Mr Manuel.

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