Independent Labour Caucas (ILC) of the PSCBC  mourns the passing of Minister Collins Chabane

It is with shock and sadness that the ILC learnt of the passing of Minister Collins Chabane on Sunday - even more so as a delegation of the ILC leadership were to meet the Minister today. “It is hard to comprehend that such a tragedy could befall the person you expect to meet up with the next day” said Mr Basil Manuel, Chairperson of the ILC.

When Minister Chabane was appointed as Minister for the Public Service and Administration, the ILC was delighted, having noted his dedication to the task at hand when he was in the Presidency. “We knew it would auger well for the public service and we were not disappointed”, said Mr Manuel.

“In our interaction with Minister Chabane we found him to be humble, soft spoken, hardworking and approachable, never shying away from interaction with public service trade unions”. That he had the best interest of the public service at hart was plain to see and under his leadership stability was the hallmark of the public service.

“The members and the leadership of the ILC unions send their heartfelt condolences to the Minister’s family and friends, Cabinet and the Department of Public Service and Administration”, said Mr Manuel.

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