The pencil will become blunt when used many times, it needs sharpening. School principals and teachers need Continuous Professional Development …” – Prof Auala, Faculty of Education, Namibia

This collaboration with the DBE has ensured that at NAPTOSA we were able to work towards achieving many goals as set out by the DBE in their Action Plan and NDP.
This report is a very clear indication that the programmes rolled out were very successful and welcomed by all who attended. The general consensus from rural to town communities being that these should continue as we move forward to improve teaching and learning in South Africa.
In the course of 5 months, 2992 educators were trained across the provinces.   Remote and underserviced rural areas were prioritised in these 102 workshops
Workshops were located in sites that would be easily accessible to teachers, most of the workshop sites were located in schools and in instances where we could not secure a school, we resorted to using Teacher Centres and non educational institutions in order for the workshops to continue.

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