Following recommendations made by the Task Team on the 1+ 4 Intervention Project, tabled in the ELRC on 18 March 2015, Council took the following decision:
That the 1+4 be promoted as the best model to implement the project and monitoring sessions to be held every 3 months.
That the 1+5 is not a recommended model.
Lead Teachers will be remunerated for tuition in accordance to sub-paragraph 2.1 of Chapter D of the PAM. Formula to be used is as follows: First salary position of range 8 (Notch code 108 ) divided  by 900. 
The Cost of subsistence and travel (S&T) for all participants in the 1+4 training will be re-imbursed in terms of the S&T tariffs as determined by the DPSA and DoT respectively from time to time.
Funding for provisions referred to in 2.1.4 and 2.1.5 [should read 1.1.3 and 1.1.4] above shall be provided for by the Provincial Education Departments”

Please note that the CTU-ATU (of which NAPTOSA is a constituent union) recorded its opposition to the 1+4 model , believing that it will be disruptive to effective schooling. NAPTOSA, however, supports the principle of an intervention to improve the math results in Grade 8 and 9.

Despite NAPTOSA’s position on the 1+4 model, and whilst the possibility of preventing the implementation of  the model via a plausible legal avenue is being investigated, members are advised to adhere to instructions, if and when the project is rolled out in the respective provinces, lest they open themselves up to disciplinary action.