An article excerpted from the American Educator (This  article  on Why The Teacher Voice Matters was written by Richard D. Kahlenberg, Halley Potter)

Research shows that when teachers are engaged in school decisions and collaborate with administrators and each other, school climate improves. This promotes a better learning environment for students, which raises student achievement, and a better working environment for teachers, which reduces teacher turnover.

- Stronger School Climate - when teachers  have the right amount of control, they are able to do their job successfully, earning respect from principals, co- workers and students

- Increased Student Achievement - Research on effective school organisation also finds that collaboration, which is one manifestation of teacher voice, is an important component of school quality.

Reduced Teacher Turnover - Schools with high levels of teacher voice also have less teacher turnover. Controlling teacher turn over matters because excessive turnover consumes financial resources, disrupts students' learning and reduces the number of highly effective, experienced teachers. Read more.

Richard D. Kahlenberg, a senior fellow at the Century Foundation, is the author or editor of several books, including Rewarding Strivers: Helping Low-Income Students Succeed in College; Tough Liberal: Albert Shanker and the Battles Over Schools, Unions, Race, and Democracy; and All Together Now: Creating Middle-Class Schools through Public School Choice. Halley Potter is a fellow at the Century Foundation and a former charter school teacher.