NAPTOSA (Gauteng) 2013 Leadership Conference



"Financial Pitfalls in SASA - avoid them at all costs"

During the presentation on "Financial pitfalls in SASA" , the presenter undertook to have certain GDE circulars placed on the NAPTOSA website.

The Circulars are as follows:

GDE Circular 13 of 2000:   Directives regarding the administering of a School Fund in terms of section 37(1) of 
                                           the South  African Schools Act 84 of 1996

GDE Circular 45 of 2003Application requesting approval for an overdraft facility/a loan agreement/investment
                                          of surplus money  in second bank account

GDE Circular 42 of 2005:   A) Remuneration of employees by School Governing Bodies (Section 38A of SASA)
                                           B) Application for Additional remuneration or Benefit by GDE employees and School                                               Governing Body


Download GDE Circular 13 of 2000

Download GDE Circular 45 of 2003
Download the  Application Form

Download GDE circular 42 of 2005


New Persepctives and Managing Change

Download New Perspectives and Managing Change

Download Advice in pdf format

Download Advice  in Power Point Format