Employer’s revised offer

The offer is now for projected CPI for each of the next 3 financial years. According to the 2014 Medium Term Budget Policy Statement delivered by the (new) Minister of Finance on 22 October 2014, National Treasury's projection for the financial years in question are the following:
- 2015/16  - 5,8%
- 2016/ 17  -  5,5%
- 2017/18   -  5,3%
The offer in terms of Medical Subsidy is for an increase in the subsidy in respect of serving employees, for GEMS members only. In respect of former employees the increase offered pertains to both GEMS members and open scheme members, but limited to a principal member + 1 dependant. Reference is also made in the offer that the subsidy is to be adjusted from January 2015 for the period March 2012 to March 2014. It is unclear what is meant by this in view of the offer in respect of the subsidy increase (it is not read to mean back dated adjustment) - this will be unraveled out during the negotiations.

It is to be noted that the proposals in respect of the GEHS and the Danger Allowance have been removed from the salary offer. This is because it is dealt with as part of the outstanding issues from the Resolution 1/2012.