The following programmes are being offered in Kwa Zulu Natal, Free State, Eastern Cape, Gauteng and North West during the Third Term 2013. These workshops are open to all no matter Union affiliation and there is no charge.

Foundation Phase Home Language and First Additional Language.

These Grade specific workshops cover:

·         Teaching Handwriting in Grades 1 and 2 leading to the transition to Joined script or cursive writing in Grade 3.

·         The Balanced Reading Approach in Grades 1 and 2 leading to Independent Reading in Grade 3.

·         Shared Reading as a key teaching strategy in the Balanced Reading approach. This section overviews the text and gives a demonstration using a text and activities at each Grade level.

·         Understanding English phonics where the relationship between the forty four  phonemes of  spoken English to the 26 letters of the alphabet,as well as the emphasis in each Grade, is covered.

Foundation Phase Mathematics

The following will be covered in separate workshops for each Grade.

·         Quick overview of the CAPS document 

·         Assessment Recording Reporting

·         Classroom management and time allocation of a Maths lesson looking at  Whole class, Small groups and Independent activities

·         Subject content will be covered in examples of all the above.

Life Orientation for Senior Phase.

Grade 7 teachers will have a separate training session while the Grade 8 and 9 teachers will attend together.

This intensive full day workshop will equip Life Orientation teachers with content required to address Career Direction within the time limits of the CAPS document for Senior Phase.

It will include an overview of the CAPS document but will focus on the course content and its application in conjunction with subject choice at the end of the Senior Phase.

This is a new and exciting programme  which intends to make Life Orientation  teachers realize the critical role they play in making a difference to their students employment options and more critically employment opportunities or even the chance that the student may never be able to enter the job market because of poor and uninformed subject and career choices.

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There is no charge for these workshops. They are funded by the ETDP-SETA.

Teachers are asked only to bring with them, and this is very important:


and a copy of the relevant CAPS document if they have it.