South Africa’s major education unions, SADTU, NAPTOSA and SAOU are joining millions of teachers and education employees around the globe campaigning for quality education. The three South African unions are affiliates of Education International (EI) which is the voice of 30 million teachers and education employees around the globe.

EI launched the Unite for Quality Education Campaign last year sensitising all countries around the world and particularly the United Nations and UNESCO, on the need for quality education for all and demand that it remains a top priority on the agenda of governments so that the world can have a peaceful and prosperous future.

As teachers we say every child has a right to quality education and to be taught by highly trained, well resourced, well paid and supported teachers. Learners have a right to learn in safe and healthy school environments.

To promote awareness of the Campaign in South Africa and Africa in general, SADTU, NAPTOSA and SAOU will join EI Principals on a Campaign culminating march through the streets of central Pretoria, South Africa on Saturday, 20 September 2014. The march will be followed by a full media briefing at Ditsong National Cultural Museum, in Visagie Street, Pretoria.

Security will be tight as senior government officials and international guests will be part of the march. The media is invited to apply for accreditation in order to participate in the media conference.

For more information on accreditation, see the attached document.
Media accreditation forms are to returned to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nomusa Cembi - SADTU media officer    082 719 5157
Tshwanelo Mmutlana - NAPTOSA media officer  071 898 4282
Ted Townsend - SAOU Media Officer      076 401 0342