The grade ‘R’ or ECD practitioners discovered today (02 May 2013) that they will not be remunerated for the month of April. Reportedly their information was not captured timeously at the beginning of January and this has resulted in the non-payment for the month of April.


It is also reported that Eastern language educators have also suffered the same fate but their non-payment dates back to January. Add to this the non-payment of pay progression for the clerical personnel, the therapists, the counsellors and the psychologists.


It is unacceptable that at the beginning of the financial year the Department of Education is not able to respond to its obligations. Landlines and mobile phones are off line. No one in this Department is able to confirm the non-payment or indicate when the department will fulfil its financial obligations.


All these different categories of employees will have to eek out an existence between 1 May and beyond. Lapses will occur with medical aid debit orders, housing, funeral policies and other insurance policies.


Sympathy strikes are on the horizon and it is in the interest of this reluctant employer to render unto the employees what belongs to the employees.


Issued By:


082 855 1631

J SOLOMON: Provincial Chairperson KZN

083 616 1140


Issued on 2 May 2013