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FET News Flash 6 of 2013: Transfer of Lecturers and Support Staff to DHET



NAPTOSA members should note that 'non-management staff members' (all categories of college employees excluding only principals and deputy principals) have NOT been transferred to the employ of DHET yet, in spite of announcements made at information ses-sions that employees would be transferred on 1 April 2013.  For all these staff members the status quo, therefore, remains.


The two task teams of the FETC Bargaining Units (ELRC for lecturers and GPSSBC for support staff) are still engaged in finalising agreements on the transfer and migration of employees to DHET.  Of vital importance is the management plan that will form part of the agreements.  DHET has proposed a phased in approach, i.e. not all employees will necessarily be migrated to DHET at the same time.  NAPTOSA has always argued that the migration process must be well thought through and parties must be able to keep to the due dates.  We are hopeful that the Management Plan will reflect this and that it will be a practical and implementable instrument that will assist parties to migrate employees as smoothly as possible.


As soon as the FETCBU Task Teams have concluded their work, NAPTOSA will make copies of the draft agreement available to its members for mandating purposes.


Implementation of FETCBU collective agreement 2 of 2013:  Permanent appointment of serving temporary and contract lecturers who have been in the employ of FETC for a period of 12 months or longer.


We referred in News Flash FET 5 to the 4 collective agreements that had been signed in the FETCBU  (ELRC).  Members should note that the implementation of Collective Agreement 2 (permanent appointment of lecturers) MUST be concluded before the process to migrate employees to DHET can commence.  NAPTOSA requested that the appointments must be expedited and the union also insisted that lecturers concerned must be given a letter confirming his/her permanent status.



Implications for NAPTOSA and its members after employees have been transferred to DHET


It is common knowledge that college employees will be transferred to the employ of the DHET in terms of the Public Service Act, in spite of NAPTOSA's strong objection to lecturers being transferred as ordinary public servants, and not as educators/lecturers.


The FETC Amendment Act also confirms that employees appointed in terms of Public Service Act will fall under the GPSSBC (bargaining structure for public servants).  This implies that all the lecturers currently falling under the ELRC's FETCBU will then fall under the auspices of the GPSSBC's FETCBU.


The following three unions are represented in the GPSSBC's FETCBU:  PSA (majority union), NEHAWU and POPCRU.  NAPTOSA fortunately has a very long history of working together with the PSA with regard to both educators' and public servants' related matters.  Based on this existing working together agreement with the PSA, NAPTOSA will take up a seat in the GPSSBC's FETCBU and will be able to represent its members, lecturers, as well as support staff, to its fullest extent in all collective bargaining and labour related matters.  After the transfer to DHET NAPTOSA will, therefore, continue to service its members at the same level as is currently the case. 


All rumours that NAPTOSA will not be able to represent its members in collective bargaining after the transfer, can, therefore, be contradicted and disregraded. 


Until the migration process has been concluded, and lecturers have been appointed in terms of the Public Service Act, the ELRC's FETCBU will continue to deal with matters related to lecturers.  Only two union groupings are represented in the ELRC:  CTU:ATU (consisting of NAPTOSA, SAOU, NATU and PEU) and SADTU.