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NAPTOSA FET News Flash 3 of 2014: Support Staff ( FET Colleges) Salary Increase. 1 April 2014

Support staff (FET Colleges)
General Salary Adjustment estimated at 7,4%

Draft Translation Tables. Effective 1 April 2014

The State announced in a Special Council meeting of the PSCBC on 24 March that the cost-of-living salary  adjustment, as of 1 April 2014, will be 7,2% (i.e. the projected CPI for 2014/15, which is 6,2% plus 1%). It is estimated that another 0,2% will be added to the 7,2%, this being the difference by which the actual CPI for 2013/14 may exceed the projected CPI for that period. The overall cost-of-living adjustment for 2014/2015 is therefore estimated at 7,4%. The increase will be effective from 1 April 2014, but it is expected that the salary adjustments will only be implemented in May 2014, with back pay to 1 April 2014.  Please wait until NAPTOSA confirms that the final percentage is 7,4% before implementing.

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