NAPTOSA has noted the EFF’s vision for education in South Africa in its 2019 election manifesto launched the past weekend.

As is expected of all political parties, the EFF also touched on many of the pressing issues confronting education in our country today. Among these are ECD, nutrition of pupils, school infrastructure, school transport and teacher training and development.

Whilst everyone can agree with these priority areas, the implementation costs of the party’s vision will be staggering if taken into account that the current education budget for the country, that is already enormous, is battling to address all the competing demands within education. A vision of free ECD programmes and free decolonized basic education and adding to that issues such as the training of an additional 40 000 ECD practitioners (within 2 years); free school transport in excess of 2 km; 2 meals per day to all learners; 2 grass fields, 2 pitches and a swimming pool for each school; phys-ed teachers, nurses, orthodontists, social workers and arts and culture teachers for each school, to name a few, the funding requirements are clear to see.

Other aspects of the party’s education vision, such as school safety, the encouragement of learners to do maths, a campaign to look at the professional and personal needs of teachers and mandatory career guidance for all high school learners must be welcomed.

Overall it is heartening to see that education remains a priority to political parties in our country.