MEDIA STATEMENT - 3 April 2017


The President of NAPTOSA, Mr Nkosiphendule Ntantala, stated that the union noted with distress President Zuma’s irrational and inappropriate ‘Cabinet Reshuffle’ that has resulted in competent Ministers being removed, whilst some, who have clearly demonstrated incompetence, have been rewarded. This makes NAPTOSA very concerned that Faith Muthambi has been appointed as the Minister of the DPSA.

Faith Muthambi has a poor track record in her last position as Minister of Communications. Under her leadership the SABC stumbled from governance to governance crisis that ultimately led to the dissolution of the board. NAPTOSA is therefore astounded that she has been tasked with heading the lead department on human resource and collective bargaining matters in the public service. “How can the President believe that Faith Muthambi, after having failed in a small department like Communications, has the requisite skills to lead the public service, or is his deployment of her more sinister in that he wishes the public sector the same fate as Communications?”, asked Mr Ntantala.

Mr Ntantala said that as a union in the education sector, NAPTOSA is worried that at such a crucial time, where a new round of salary negotiations is imminent, the public service is not only led by a new Minister, but a Minister of proven doubtful abilities. As Chairperson of the so-called Mandating Committee, the Minister of Public Service and Administration plays a central role in the mandating processes of the State as employer. Her impact on the collective bargaining process will therefore be crucial and, if handled badly, could seriously disrupt the whole public service. “We can only hope that the current leadership in the DPSA will be able to keep the boat on even keel during this transitional period, and not also be ousted as so often happens when a new Minister brings in her/his own team”, said Mr Ntantala.

The struggles for a free and fair South Africa will be but a mirage if we as South Africans stand by and watch our country crumble, said Mr Ntantala. NAPTOSA is reminded of the expression "Nero fiddled while Rome burned” and therefore calls on NAPTOSA members and all rational people to band together against this flagrant action by the President. The time is now for us to take a stand for what is right, added Mr Ntantala.
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