NAPTOSA has noted with concern the continued wanton destruction of valuable education assets in Limpopo
NAPTOSA condemns the razing of schools in Vuwani, Limpopo in the strongest possible terms.  Speaking in Pretoria on Friday, 6 May 2016, the President of NAPTOSA, Dr Anthea Cereseto, stated that “Destroying the means to education and hope for a better future for a significant number of children is one of the most abhorrent acts possible.  It is deeply disturbing that such despicable behaviour is possible in this day and age”.  
“Violence and destruction are not solutions to problems – no matter how legitimate the cause”, said Dr Cereseto.  NAPTOSA is deeply concerned about the impact on the education of the children and the wellbeing of the teachers in the affected schools. These malicious acts have resulted in the waste of state resources and great costs will be incurred to replace these schools over several years.
NAPTOSA calls on all rational people in the area to band together and stop the wanton destruction and furthermore calls on the Limpopo Provincial Government and Department of Education to put security measures in place to prevent further destruction of school property. “It is lamentable that it has taken so long for action to be taken”, said Dr Cereseto. Albeit distressing times, Dr Cereseto stated that NAPTOSA wished to commend those community members, parents and school staff who have taken measures to protect their schools.
NAPTOSA is committed to supporting the Department of Education in its efforts to deal with the aftermath of these deplorable incidents”, said Dr Cereseto.

Enquiries:         President: Dr Anthea Cereseto (082 610 5756)
                      Executive Director: Mr Basil Manuel (079 508 6228)