In 2008 employees involved in the Further Education and Training function in the Department of Education, who so elected, were transferred from the Department to the employ of individual Further Education and Training (FET) College Councils, now TVET Colleges.

Between April 2008 and April 2015 (when College staff were transferred to DHET), individual Colleges were responsible for advertising and filling of posts. However, only from 26 February 2013 (GPSSBC agreement in respect of administrative staff) and 7 March 2013 (ELRC agreement in respect of lecturers), respectively, were Colleges compelled to ensure that TVET College employees receive benefits equal to counterparts appointed on the PERSAL system or 37% cash in lieu of benefits.

Upon transfer of College staff to DHET, it transpired that there might have been cases in the period April 2008 to February or March 2013 (when the above-mentioned two agreements became effective), where posts had been advertised, clearly outlining an entitlement to benefits or 37% cash in lieu of benefits, but where Colleges failed to honour such advertised benefits.

NAPTOSA has learnt that DHET has now completed an analysis of information received from Colleges on appointments during this period and on 16 August 2019 submitted their collated information to the respective Colleges for verification. Members appointed during the above-mentioned period and who did not receive the advertised benefits (whether actual benefits or 37% cash in lieu of benefits) are advised to liaise with the Human Resources (HR) section of their College to confirm that the College had received the information from DHET and that their information is contained therein.

Once Colleges have verified with staff and sent the confirmation/amendments to DHET, payments will be affected. Please note that there is no need to forward any details to your NAPTOSA Office as all information must be submitted through the College HR.

NAPTOSA will keep all members informed of any further developments.