NAPTOSA is calling on her members in the TVET sector to be wary of recruiters that try to persuade them to leave NAPTOSA and join their union allegedly because they can represent you.

The only Bargaining Unit for TVET lecturers is in the ELRC. There is NO Bargaining Unit established for TVET lecturers at the GPSSBC. The only existing Bargaining Unit for the lecturers was established in the ELRC in 2009. Members are referred to ELRC Collective Agreements 4 and 5 of 2007 and the Founding Agreement of 2009.

Conditions of Service of lecturers are negotiated in the ELRC and a number of Agreements have been concluded in the ELRC. None of these agreements were concluded in the GPSSBC. The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) pays levies for lecturers to the ELRC and not to the GPSSBC.

The only Unions recognised in the ELRC are NAPTOSA (as part of the CTU-ATU) and SADTU.

NAPTOSA would like to cite two examples of work done in the ELRC on behalf of the TVET sector:
In 2010, a Collective Agreement to create parity between the salaries of TVET college lecturers and educators in public schools was reached in the Education Labour Relations Council - Further Education and Training College Bargaining Unit (ELRC - FETCBU).

On 7 March 2013 the ELRC ratified Collective Agreement Number 2 of 2013 concluded in in the FETCBU which related to the permanent appointment of serving temporary and contract lecturers who have been employed on a continuous basis in the college establishment for a period of 12 months or more and are currently in a vacant funded substantive post.

Currently NAPTOSA is representing you in Post Provisioning negotiations. It will therefore be in the best interest of lecturers to remain in the union that will be able to advance their interests, and be able to represent them in the ELRC. Stay loyal to one union that cares for you