From 25 November to 10 December, communities around the world are urged to commemorate International Day (25 November) for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Children, which is commonly known as The 16 Days of Activism. This is an annual international awareness-raising campaign. This time around communities around the world are encouraged to galvanise actions that will end this plague of violence against women and children.

NAPTOSA calls on government to expedite the creation of adequately resourced facilities in police stations in order to respond to the needs of victims of Gender-Based Violence when they report crimes perpetrated against them. NAPTOSA calls on the Department of Education and all relevant stakeholders to deploy social workers to schools to help learners and teachers who are victims of Gender-Based Violence. Cases of learner on learner and learner on teacher violence are increasing at an alarming rate. Violence in schools has become a norm and current measures aimed at curbing this scourge are proving to be ineffective. Gender-Based Violence has become a dominant, very worrying, crime on the rise, impacting very negatively on our national psyche. It is a breach of women's’ fundamental right to life, liberty, security, physical and mental integrity and wellbeing and a direct breach of the Bill of Rights.

Cultural, and especially patriarchal practices, that besmirch and oppress women must be eradicated. As long as patriarchy is reinforced by traditions and culture, and ironically preserved and reinforced by women themselves, anything else we do will not deal with the fundamental transformation to the society that we need.

For far too long have the cries of victims of Gender-Based Violence and voices of activists advocating against Gender-Based Violence been ignored, it’s time to listen and act to end this scourge.

NAPTOSA wishes to acknowledge efforts made by campaigns such as Not in My Name; Me Too; The Total Shut Down; Not One More; Hear Me Too and the recent National summit against Gender-Based Violence, and calls on communities, police, social services, unions, political parties, religious leaders and government to intensify their efforts to ensure that women and children are protected.