On Friday, 9 June 2018, the protracted public service wage negotiations eventually reached conclusion when the wage agreement achieved majority signature. Trade unions in the PSCBC representing 65,7% of the unionized public servants support the agreement. NAPTOSA is one of the signatories.

In terms of the agreement the salary adjustment with effect from 1 April 2018 will be as follows:
• Public Service Act salary levels 1-7 = 7%
• Public Service Act salary levels 8-10 = 6,5%
• Public Service Act salary levels 11-12 = 6%

The adjustment of the salary scales of Educators/lecturers and Education Therapists/Psychologists/Counsellors will naturally be more complex due to the fact that their salary scales are not similar to those of Public Service Act personnel. A task team of the ELRC will address the cost-of-living adjustments in education as a matter of urgency. NAPTOSA will therefore only publish the adjusted salary scales once clarity has been obtained from the DBE and the DPSA with regard to the correct cut-off notches for the different percentages.

Meanwhile the draft salary scales for Public Service Act personnel accompany this News Flash.

According to the employer they hope to effect the cost-of-living back pay before the end of June 2018.

Over and above the salary adjustment, the pay progression for educators will also increase from the current 1% to 1,3% on 1 July 2018. On the same date the housing allowance will increase with the average CPI of the 2017/2018 financial year as per the 2015 Resolution.

1 September 2018 sees the introduction, for salary levels 1-5, of the provision in terms of which both spouses who are public servants could qualify for the housing allowance. This provision will be extended to employees on salary levels 6-12 on 1 September 2019.

Members would have seen criticism levelled by some unions against those that signed the agreement. This is sheer opportunism, because the alternatives to not signing were no adjustment at all (there is no legislative provision or agreement that guarantees annual salary adjustments); further extension of the negotiations that have already lasted more than 8 months (with no prospect of further gains); or protracted strike action which members were clearly not in favour of.

pdf Draft salary scales for PS Act personnel (171 KB)