NAPTOSA, regrettably, has to inform members that after several postponements of the salary negotiations, and commitments to the Principals of Labour that the employer would table a wage offer at 15:00 (very specific) on 19 April 2018, the employer tabled a letter requesting further postponement of the negotiations until 3 May 2018.

After nearly 7 months, parties have not made any substantial progress and the main areas of the wage agreement, such as the annual salary increase, housing and pay progression, have not been addressed.

The whole negotiations process has deviated from its original path in that the employer regards the earlier offer tabled in Council to have been not properly mandated under the previous political dispensation. In other words the employer is seeking a mandate from the current government on their own previous offer. This is not only a unique, but extremely disruptive approach.

NAPTOSA wishes to record its extreme disappointment with the latest request for postponement, especially in view of the fact that the Minister for Public Service and Administration herself assured the Principals of Labour that a mandate would be secured during this week.

One of the ILC parties has in the meantime lodged a dispute with the PSCBC on the failure of the employer to reach agreement on the demands of Labour. This could have implications for the process in that, once this is done, the disputing parties enter a 30 day period of conciliation. How this will affect further negotiations needs to be seen.

The Principals of the ILC will be meeting on 20 April 2018 to decide the way forward. Members will be informed of the decision.