There are media reports that government is seeking a 3 week delay in the wage negotiations in the PSCBC.

It is true that there is currently a break in the negotiations, but it is not true that there will be a 3 week delay. As with all negotiations there comes a point where a party, or parties, needs to refresh its mandate and this is precisely where the wage negotiation process finds itself with the employer having requested time to do so.

Whilst the principals of the trade unions agreed to allow the employer some space, they also indicated that the time allowed should be curbed and that the negotiations must resume as soon as possible. With this in mind the leaderships of the Independent Labour Caucus (ILC), of which NAPTOSA holds the chairpersonship, and the COSATU grouping in the PSCBC, met with the Minister of Public Service and Administration on 13 April 2018. Although details of Labour’s demands and the employer’s offer were not discussed (it is left to the negotiation process), it was agreed with the Minister that negotiations will resume on 17 April 2018 and that the point has been reached where substantial progress needs to be recorded.

We trust that the employer will give serious attention to its mandate and that a new offer will be tabled that could put the negotiations back on track and will show that they value their employees.

NAPTOSA believes that cohesion on the side of Labour is essential and will therefore move together with our other trade union partners in the PSCBC in reaction to the employer’s expected new offer.

Members will be kept updated as the process further unfolds.