The President of NAPTOSA welcomes you to 2018, a year that will hopefully be filled with great success as you continue on your journey towards bringing academic excellence to the learners of our country. 

While the release of the matric results occupies the education narrative, NAPTOSA wishes to encourage educators whose classes are over-crowded not to be discouraged and to persevere. The lack of places in schools for thousands of learners remains a challenge. NAPTOSA will, however, continue to put pressure on the Department of Basic Education to provide more schools and facilities.
It is hoped that every NAPTOSA member has received his/her 2018 diary and calendar to assist day-to-day planning. If not, please contact your provincial NAPTOSA office for assistance in this regard.
Public Service wage negotiations for the 2018 financial year resumed on 9 January 2018 with the appointment of two external facilitators. Parties have had an opportunity to brief the facilitators. Members will be kept informed once substantive progress has been made in the negotiation process.
Nal’ibali – the national reading-for-enjoyment campaign will be celebrating World Read Aloud Day on Thursday, 01 February 2018 and is inviting caregivers, schools, and communities to join them in reading a single to story to children across SA on the day. Last year the campaign read aloud to over 700 000 children and this year it hopes to reach 1 000 000 children! To download the specially-created story in any SA language and make your pledge to read aloud, visit: NAPTOSA urges schools to participate in the World Read Aloud campaign.
School Governing Body (SGB) elections take place during the month of March. NAPTOSA urges educators and parents to take this process seriously and embrace the responsibility of serving on this important structure with enthusiasm and integrity. Those educators elected to serve should share their experiences and represent the teachers on this body with decorum, pursuing a collective interest. Parents elected to the SGB should look towards building a strong, well-serviced school for the future of their children, and those who will follow in their footsteps.
A hearty welcome to this noble profession. Education is the great equaliser and creates better life chances for all. Your contribution to educating the nation is invaluable. You are indeed our nation’s heroes. NAPTOSA is the professional home for teachers and here are some reasons why you should join NAPTOSA:
- NAPTOSA employs dedicated and trained staff to attend to your queries and professional concerns.
- NAPTOSA is the leading union in offering a wide variety of workshops and courses for your professional development, assisting you in accumulating your CPTD points.
- NAPTOSA offers regular and up-to-date communication on matters that affect you and the teaching profession.
- NAPTOSA has a number of commercial benefits available to members that enhance your personal life. You can join NAPTOSA by downloading an application form or completing an online application on