In News Flash 10 of 2016 members were informed of the announcement by the DPSA that the salary increase for 1 April 2016 is 7,6%. The employer has subsequently confirmed the percentage in the PSCBC.

Members who are normally paid on the 15th of the month must, however, note that according to the employer, the increase (i.e. the 7,6%) will only be paid on 21 April 2016 as a special PERSAL run will only be made on 18 April 2016 to effect the increase. Members who are normally paid at the end of the month will receive the increase in their April pay packets (i.e. not as a separate payment).

A hoax document, purporting to be from National Treasury, is currently doing the rounds, indicating a lower percentage increase as announced by the employer and claiming that due to a lack of funds the increase is to be implemented in a staggered manner. Members must ignore this document.