Members WHO RENT, and who receive the Housing Allowance, should note that provision has now been made on PERSAL for the individual-linked savings facility of the Government Employees Housing Scheme (GEHS). This means that such members,

•who were in service on 27 May 2015 and receives the Housing Allowance of R 900 p.m., will have R 300 p.m. (of the adjusted allowance of R 1 200 p.m.) deposited into the individual-linked savings facility, back-dated to 1 July 2015 (for the period that they rent)

•who joined the public service after 27 May 2015, and who qualify for the Housing Allowance, will have the whole of the allowance (R 1 200 p.m.) deposited into the individual linked savings facility (from the date that they qualify - but not before 1 July 2015 - and for the period that they rent)

•who receive the R 900 p.m. Housing Allowance, but wish to have the whole allowance (R 1 200 p.m.), and not only the R 300 p.m., deposited into the individual-linked savings facility, can request their departments to do so.

Withdrawals from the savings facility (i.e. for purposes of home-ownership, building and improving a home) will only be entertained from 1 October 2016.

Members should apply to their respective departments – terms and conditions will obviously apply. Please note that members who wish to access the services that will be offered through the GEHS (e.g. advice on available housing options, support and facilitation of financial rehabilitation and support in accessing housing finances) will be required to enrol with the Scheme.

The enrolment will commence 1 May 2016 - details will be communicated once it becomes available.