The trade unions to the PSCBC and the Employer have reached a settlement on the dispute relating to the Employer’s failure to implement the increased Housing Allowance of R 1 200 p.m. with effect from 1 July 2015 in respect of home -owners.

Parties agreed that, commencing 15 February 2016, the Employer will effect payments to qualifying employees who are home-owners. This will, however, require employees concerned to complete and submit the application form issued by the DPSA on 1 December 2015 (obtainable from departmental HR sections), as well as the required documentation, to their departments for verification. The qualifying requirements for home-owners have not changed.

Media reports that Government will be paying employees the increased Housing Allowance on 15 February 2016 is therefore not completely correct. There will be no blanket implementation, because the payment is subject to the conditions explained above.

Members who are home-owners are encouraged to submit your application forms as soon as possible to ensure that your Housing Allowance is corrected and you receive the back pay to which you are entitled.

Members who rent are not included in this cohort. Those who were in service on 1 July 2015 and had been receiving the R 900 p. m. Housing Allowance, continue to do so, whilst the additional R 300 p.m. is diverted into individual-linked savings facilities under the Government Employees Housing Scheme. Qualifying members who started renting after 1 July 2015, have the full Housing Allowance of R 1 200 p.m. diverted into individual-linked savings facilities. Whilst the Employer has not indicated as such, it can be expected that employees who rent will also be subjected to a verification process in future.