NAPTOSA welcomes education sector employees who appreciate the Union’s stance and feel comfortable with its principles and modus operandi.  Ours is the most diverse education sector union and membership in the country is constantly growing.  NAPTOSA is the second largest teacher union in South Africa, with more than 55 000 members.

  • NAPTOSA is an independent union which is NOT affiliated to ANY political party.  Our policy of political non-alignment means that we are free to choose our own path without fear or favour.
  • NAPTOSA employs dedicated and trained staff to attend to your queries, concerns and professional needs.
  • NAPTOSA fights for your conditions of service and protects your interests through its participation in the ELRC and the PSCBC.
  • NAPTOSA conducts regular Professional Development Activities for teachers. These programmes are designed to enrich your teaching.
  • NAPTOSA has an extensive communications service through its News Flashes, publications, website and structures.  Members of NAPTOSA are kept informed on a wide range of issues that could affect them.
  • NAPTOSA holds regular regional meetings to keep you informed about new developments.
  • NAPTOSA encourages your participation in decision making through its branches, portfolio committees and provincial committees.
  • NAPTOSA provides a number of commercial benefits available exclusively to members.

NAPTOSA operates in all nine provinces of South Africa with the head office situated in Pretoria. The contact details of your provincial office will be found under the "Provinces" menu on the home page. Application forms may also be downloaded from the provincial pages.

If you value:

  • Workplace protection
  • Political non-alignment
  • Child-centred education and
  • Professionalism

 NAPTOSA is your union.

Application for Membership