Therapists and psychologists appointed on Therapy/Psychology rank codes (refer to NAPTOSA LSEN News Flashes 12 and 13 of 2012) received their 5% cash bonus in December last year (at last!).  Therapists/psychologists/counsellors appointed on the correct rank codes, who did not receive the payment last year, are advised to contact their provincial NAPTOSA office.


The following employees should not have received the 5% payment in December:

·         Therapists/psychologists/counsellors appointed on the correct rank codes, but who were employed after 30 June 2010.  They will only get the OSD salary adjustment, not the 5% cash bonus.


·         Psychologists/therapists/counsellors appointed on educator rank codes (and, therefore, are on educator OSD salary notches), should not have received the 5%.  We indicated in NAPTOSA LSEN News Flash 13 of 2012 that implementation rules still have to be developed for those employees before payments can be done.     Amounts  cannot be calculated based on the educator OSD salary scale.  We indicated in News Flashes LSEN 12 and 13 of 2012 that an employee cannot get OSD based on another OSD scale.  In order to calculate the 5%, the educator non-OSD salary scales should be taken into account. 


For therapists and psychologists appointed on the correct rank codes, the next step is the adjustment of their current salaries to the OSD salary notches.  Back payments in this regard will only be effected once the new salary notch is registered on Persal.  We stated in previous news flashes that this is a process that has to be done manually.  The Department of Basic Education (DBE) indicated in the ELRC that this process should be concluded during the first term.  NAPTOSA has been in contact with DBE on a weekly basis to enquire about the implementation of the agreement.  Currently there unfortunately seems to be a communication gap between DBE and the provinces on how the adjustments should be done.  We have requested DBE’s immediate attention to this matter.


The adjustment of salaries of psychologists, therapists and counsellors appointed on educator rank codes (as well as the 5% cash bonus), will on be done once the implementation rules for this category of employees have been developed.




In terms of ELRC Collective Agreement 1 of 2012 all counsellors, psychologists and post level 5 therapists must be placed on the inclusive remuneration package.  The agreement also states that 70 % of the inclusive package will be considered as pensionable salary.


In the education sector an employee has a choice whether his/her pensionable salary should be equal to 70% or 75% of his package.  NAPTOSA’s position has always been that these employees should continue to have this choice.  In the final stage of the negotiation process the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) indicated that they would not approve the content of the agreement unless everything is exactly the same as in the health sector’s agreement. 


There are, however, many psychologists (and possibly also counsellors) who have been on the inclusive package prior to the agreement being signed and who have opted for the 75%.  It could cause problems if they were to be compelled to move to the 70% option.


NAPTOSA has already informally discussed this with the chief negotiator of the state.  We will now submit a formal request that persons who were on the 75% option prior to the signing of the agreement, should retain the benefit.  Newcomers to the inclusive package system would have no choice other than the 70%.


We will keep our members informed of further developments.