Limpopo Annual Conference 16 August 2014

Limpopo Annual Conference

August and September is conference time in NAPTOSA. The annual Limpopo  Conference was held on 16 August 2014 and was attended by approximately 150  delegates who enthusiastically embraced the conference theme “Celebrating 20 Years of Democracy.”
 The two guest speakers were the MEC for Education Ms T Nwedamutswu and Prof B Mphahlele
The MEC gave Conference an overview of some of the Department’s objectives for the next five years and invited NAPTOSA to join forces with her department in strengthening the functionality of education in Limpopo. Professor Mphahlele (University of Limpopo)  challenged delegates to be become readers. His message was very clear – if you don’t read you can’t teach. “Read, read, read” said the Professor.
Conference delegates also received up to date information on pensions, dispelling the rumours about gratuities being taken away.
As always, the singing at the conference was hearty, but this year the delegates were out performed by the learners from Pietersburg Comprehensive School, who enthralled the audience with their dramatic rendition of the poem “Africa – My Continent, Africa”
Conference thanked Mr Mello, the chairperson of Limpopo for the past two years, for his time and effort into “keeping the wheels turning” in Limpopo. Mr Mashudu Manyaga was elected chairperson of Limpopo for the coming term of office.
Conference also said farewell to Mr Myburgh, the Provincial CEO for Gauteng, who has for many years been the “father” of Limpopo. Mr Myburgh will be retiring at the end of 2014 after many years of outstanding and unstinting service to NAPTOSA.