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Wage Negotiations 2015/2016 Update: 30 March 2015

    Wage Negotiations Update: 30 March 2015

Despite the Employer’s indication on 25 March 2015 that it would be invoking the dispute resolution provisions of the PSCBC constitution, parties met on 27 March 2015 for further negotiations. Parties were, however, unable to make progress in the negotiations. The Employer subsequently announced that it is in dispute, meaning that it would be lodging the dispute with the PSCBC. Once this has been done the Council will be appoint a conciliator who will attempt to conciliate the matter (i.e. attempt to assist parties to reach an agreement). Although the Labour Relations Act provides for a 30 day period for the conciliation it also provides, as does the constitution of the PSCBC, for the period to be extended by agreement of the parties.