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Wage Negotiations 2015/2016 Update - 25 March 2015

Wage negotiations resumed on 23 March 2015. In response to Labour’s revised wage
demand of 10% for 2015/16 the Employer tabled the following revised offer:

Salary adjustment:
CPI (4,8%) + 0,2% = 5% for 2015/16
CPI + 0,5% for 2016/17
CPI + 0,5% for 2017/18

- An increase from 2 to 5 working days Family Responsibility Leave for parents with children who have severe special needs.
- Paternity leave of 3 working days.

The Employer remains with its offer on the medical subsidy for current and former employees.

On the Housing Allowance the Employer indicated that they retain their second option offered to Labour, i.e.-

- R 1 500 p.m. for employees owning a house and repaying a home loan. The Housing Allowance of R 1 500 to be adjusted annually on the basis of average CPI
-The Housing Allowance to be discontinued from 1 April 2017 for employees who have paid off their home loans.

 In response to the Employer’s offer Labour reaffirmed its demand of a 10% wage increase for 2015/16 and a Housing Allowance of R 1 500 p.m. (without any conditions attached).

The Employer was also requested to reconsider all Labour’s initial demands with the added demand that the Employer’s offer on the medical subsidy be increased by a further 4%.

The negotiations continue.