Media Release : NAPTOSA KZN Annual Conference


NAPTOSA KZN hosts its provincial congress tomorrow at the Maharani hotel in Durban.  The theme of the conference is "SAVE THE CHILDREN- Education Tomorrow".

Speakers will include the president of NAPTOSA who will address the theme and focus on some of the recent pronouncements by the media on the findings of the task team led by the former vice chancellor of the University of the Western Cape, Prof Brian O’Connel.  Mr Manuel will also focus on the KZN deficit budget and the intention by the KZN Department of Education to take over the role of service providers in the delivery of learner, teacher support material (stationery and textbooks). The HOD will officially open the conference and address the theme.

The keynote address will be delivered by Lisa Chamberlain an attorney attached to the Centre of Applied Legal Studies (CALS).  CALS has played a prominent role in education in Gauteng and Limpopo.  Her address will cover the current crisis in the Northern Cape and the challenges affecting children across the country.  Doron Isaacs of Equal Education will the following morning focus the attention of the audience on teachers and their attitude/contribution, lack of it to the learners.  Mrs Veena Maharaj from the DBE will attempt to address the fears and concerns educators have about the new curriculum.  Comments/questions have been documented for response by the DBE.

The motions that have been tabled for discussion will go to the core of the problems in education.  The motion dealing with appointments in schools and departmental offices is likely to generate debate given the recent reporting on the "selling" of posts.  The call to re-introduce standard grade and higher mathematics at high school flies in the face of the new curriculum and is likely to be opposed.  Increasing the pool of posts to include grade R is a creative way of ensuring that the grade R educators receive the salary of their counterparts and also receive all the perks teachers currently receive.  Learner discipline will generate discussion given the fact that the KZN department is currently amending the disciplinary procedures.  The full text of the speeches and motions will be released on the day of conference or the day after.

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