NAPTOSA KwaZulu Natal Media Release: NAPTOSA Responds to the change of heart by the Minister

Seven (7) days ago we jointly agreed to can the ANA until 2016.  The Department was clear on the matter.  A statement titled ‘Media Statement on the Postponement of the Writing of the Annual National Assessment’ was released.  The statement referred to the reason for the introduction of the ANA and continued to address the meetings held with the Unions and finally reported that they agreed with the sentiments expressed by the Unions about postponing and remodeling.

The Unions were at one in cascading the information to their members.  Teachers were relieved that they were not going to be coerced into administering the ANA for 2015 and they supported the notion of a 3 year cycle.

NAPTOSA is horrified by this turn-about.  The statement released today (Friday, 18 September 2015) that proposes that the ANA will be written between 1-4 December 2015 is ludicrous. To expect learners and educators who would have just concluded on the terms tests to write another test is at the worst insane.  The views of the MEC’s about negatively affecting education, in 2016 ‘does not wash’.

The 1800 turn about is reactionary and we will not respond to the call.