NAPTOSA KZN NewsFlash 47 of 2013: Pension Redress

Pension Redress

- Approximately 137 000 applications were received for the pension redress. it will take some time for the project to be finalised.

- Applicants who are still in service will not receive any cash payment- their pensionable period of service will be increased.

Implementation of the procedure on evaluation and recognition of improved qualifications

- The department has granted approval for the implementation of evaluation and recognition of improved qualifications.


- Majority of the diaries have been delivered or posted

- Forest Hill Primary in Pietermaritzburg have agreed to store the PMB diaries until 22 November 2013

Continuing Professional Teacher Development

- All educators are required to sign up electronically for the CPTD system in the year preceding their first cycle.

- PD points may be accumulated through teacher, school or externally initiated activities.


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