NAPTOSA KZN NewsFlash 44 of 2013:From the Courts

Rulings from the Courts

School Admission:

Based on Constitutional imperatives, an interpretation of the SA School Act and Gauteng provincial legislation, an SGB may determine the admission policy and the capacity of teh school, but the department has the final say and may over-ride  the school's policy.

Diary Distribution:

Some of diaries distributed are faulty with the cover back to front or upside down. If members are in receipt of a faulty diary please return it to the office. The office will replace the diary.

Diwali greetings:

NAPTOSA has been informed via a circular that the 4 November will be observed as a Religious Day.

The Head of Department cordially extends his best wishes for all Learners, Teachers and Officials who are celebrating Diwali on the 03 November 2013.

Permission has been granted to all parties celebrating Diwali to observe the 4 November as a Religious Day


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