NAPTOSA KZN NewsFlash 34 of 2013: News from Conference 2013 & various

Conference 2014

- Conference 2014 is an elective conference and begins in April 2014 with elections of Branch leadership concluding with    Provincial leadership at Conference in August.

- 14/ 15 August  2014 is proposed as the conference dates.

- Members who believe that they will be inconvenienced by the proposed date must communicate with the office before November 2013.

2014 Secondment opportunity

- Member - educators on post level 1 , including current Shop Stewards, interested in serving NAPTOSA and its members should apply. Closing date for applications is  1 October 2013.

Explore Europe with NAPTOSA

- Following a highly succesfull NAPTOSA Europe & UK tour this year, another tour has been organised for 2014.


Celebrate World Teachers' Day on Saturday, 05 October 2013 . The ELRC is hosting the celebration in KZN.


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