NAPTOSA KZN NewsFlash 31 of 2013: ELRC Bargaining meeting 22 August 2013

- ELRC Bargaining meeting held on 22 august 2013, the Employer reported, inter alia, on the items listed below.

- Incentive for educators

- EMS for Office- based educators was put on hold some time ago in order to focus on the EMS for school- based educators (deputies and principals).

- QMS for school- based educators - there is no move in this regard.

- Rumous abound on the 0.5% increase in the notch interval

- Please note that no collective agreement has been signed on increasing the notch interval  from 1% to 1.5%.

- Members who attended the annual conference at Sibaya are invited to submit comments about the day in order to assist with the planning fro 2014.


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