NAPTOSA KZN NewsFlash 37 of 2013: School Calender 2015

School Calendar 2015

The Minister of Basic Education published the approved School Calender for 2015 in Government Gazette 36841 dated 13 September 2013.

The calender for 2015 reverts to the two cluster model, viz an inland Cluster of Provinces and a Coastal Cluster of Provinces.

Members are reminded that the single calender for all provinces approved for 2014 was dictated by the unique circumstances that will occur in that year which made a uniform calender the best option.

Members are reminded of the NAPTOSA Tour to Europe /England - June / July 2014

Delivery of LTSM

Distribution of available stationery to schools commenced on 30 July 2013 . Stationery delivery status as at 05 September 2013 was as follows:

- Stationery Value Delivered to the Warehouse    73%

- Stationery Value Delivered to Schools                 53%


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