NAPTOSA KZN NewsFlash 42 of 2013 : World Teachers'Day & SACE CPTD

World Teachers' Day 2013

 "A Call for teachers"

This year's celebration in South Africa will be a societal engagement, that calls all teachers as well as prospective teachers to join in the celebrations at the UKZN, Westville campus on Saturday 5 October 2013. The event will start at 10H00 till 16H00.


SACE & Continuing Professional Teacher Development (CTDP)

What is CPTD management system?

- It is a system for recognising all appropriate teacher development activities

- When will CPTD be phased in?

- CPTD will be phased in from 2014.

- All educators will be expected to achieve 150 PD points in every three year cycle.


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