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Housing Allowance: Home-Owners

In News Flashes 48 of 2015 members were informed some movement in the Housing Allowance.

A circular by the DPSA now indicates that departments are in a position to implement the increased allowance, provided employees who are home-owners enrol with the Government Employees Housing Scheme and submit the required proof.

Whilst departments would technically be in a position to effect the increased Housing Allowance (back dated to 1 July 2015) in January 2016, it will depend on how soon employees are able to submit their applications and documentation.

Members should take cognisance of the definition of “home-owner” as per the DPSA circular to determine if they are eligible for the Housing Allowance of R 1 200 p.m.  According to the circular a “home-owner” is:

• An employee with a registered title over a residential property with a mortgage bond or home loan, and who occupies the house, or
• An employee with a registered title over a residential property without a mortgage bond or home loan (i.e. where the bond or home loan has been paid off or where the property was purchased without a bond/home loan), and who occupies the house, or
• An employee residing on communal land with valid permission to occupy (PTO) (deemed to be a home-owner), provided he/she and/or his/her immediate family is/are occupying the house in question.

1. Certified copy of ID
2. Proof of Bond/Ownership status
   Document from the Bank of Home loan
   Copy of the deed from Registration office that the house is registered in your name.
   Certified copy of PTO – Permission to Occupy if home is on communal land
3. Sworn Affidavit that you are residing in the house in question.

Download pdf DPSA Letter to Home-Owners (916 KB)

Download pdf Housing Allowance form for Home-Owners (1.69 MB)