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BRIDGE offers school leaders a unique, easily accessible and up-to-date opportunity to earn Continuing Professional Development Points (CPDP) points and at the same time gain insight from the experience of acknowledged, successful leaders in education. In collaboration with the Leadership Platform and CliffCentral, BRIDGE provides principals and education practitioners a platform on internet radio to share insights and best practice on various aspects of school leadership. Listening to and interacting with these podcasts can be utilised as a means of changing and improving working practice as well as for personal development.

The radio shows are broadcast every Monday on CliffCentral from 14h30. Go to for all podcasts. 

NAPTOSA President Dr Anthea Cereseto, Principal of Parktown Girls’ High, has been on the show as well. Please see the links below to those two interviews on leadership.

Planning for successful leadership -  Click here

Tips for successful leadership - Click here

Education challenges faced by principals - Neil Fourie Click here

What makes a great principal - Neil Fourie Click here

Managing and handling diversity in schools - Colin Northmore (Sacred Heart) Click here

Schools governing body elections and democratic participation in education- Keri Perti (Norkitt) Click here

Improving instruction through teacher collaboration - Razia Badasie (Brenthurst Primary) Click here

Leading a school in a rural context - Rapheal Mukachi (LEAP 5) Click here

Community engagement in an urban context - Venessa Moodley (Actonville Primary) Click here

Challenges faced in leading a public inclusive school - Derrik Moeketse (Isaac Makau) Click here

Developing new leaders in the system - John Gilmour (LEAP) Click here

Icts in the classroom - Ansie Peens (Sunward Park) Click here

The principals academy trust - Alan Clarke & Bruce Probyn Click here

The principal's association - Daya Chetty (SAPA) Click here

EQ in school leadership - Mavis Mazhura (Training B2B) Click here

EQ in school leadership part 2 - Mavis Mazhura (Training B2B) Click here

Achieving excellence in a rural context - Pieter Steyn (Masibambane) Click here

Youth Day Special Part 1 - JHB Junior City Council SAESC students Part 1 Click here

Youth Day Special Part 2 - JHB Junior City Council SAESC students Part 2 Click here

Deputy Minister in the presidency - Buti Manamela (Presidency) - Click here

Ethical Leadership - Anne Baker (CIE) - Click here

Teacher Development - Piet Steyn (Masibambane) Patrick Lees (St Johns Prep) Click here

Overcoming leadership challenges - Mark Potterton (Holy Family) Click here

Lessons in leadership - Mike Thiel (St Davids Marist) Click here

Leadership in the township - Paul Mumba (LEAP 4) Click here

Transformational leadership- Marguerite Callaway (Callaway Leadership Institute) Click here

Transformational leadership Part 2 - Marguerite Callaway (Callaway Leadership Institute) Click here

Essential SGB Skills - Daya Chetty  (SAPA) Click here

Leadership and integration - Godfrey Mabunda (Dalpark Primary) Click here

Leadership and partnerships for growth- Venessa Moodley (Actonville Primary) Click here

Scholar transport advice - Tim Fish Hodgson (Section 27) Click here

School Twinning - Wellington Shaw (Lyndhurst) Click here

Professionalization - Rej Brijraj (SACE) Click here

Leadership in Soweto - Sister Francis Sheehy (St Matthews) Click here

Corporal punishment - Faraanaz Veriava ( Section 27) Click here

School twinning Part 2 - Wellington Shaw (Lyndhurst) Edward Makasane (Bovet) Click here

Principal qualification - Anusha Naidu (MGSLG) Click here

Going paperless - Felicity Herd (St Martin de Porres) Click here

Leadership & technology - Fiona Wallace (CozaCares) Click here

Low-cost world class edcuation - Nonhlanhla Masina (African School for Excellence) Click here

No homework - Gavin Keller (Sun Valley Primary) Click here

Eco Schools - Nozuko Mathanyela (Monde Primary) Click here